Why the change?

  • The way people access the web has changed. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices have proliferated. The new site is designed to accommodate screens of all sizes.
  • The way people search has changed. Users now expect a simpler search experience, and the new homepage aims to deliver that.
  • The way the web looks has changed, too. The redesign reflects design and usability improvements that enhance the user experience.

What’s next?

Changes to the site will be rolling out over the coming months. Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • The top banner will bring simple navigation to the entire site, including an easy way to access your account.
  • The new look will find its way to sub-pages and other parts of the site, providing a more consistent experience.
  • What do you think should be next? Let us know at zsrweb@wfu.edu.

How do I report problems?

If you encounter any trouble with the new site, let us know at zsrweb@wfu.edu.

Can I still access the old homepage?

You betcha. For a short time, the old homepage will be available at zsr.wfu.edu/old.