Twas the day before holiday break
and throughout ZSR,
barely a creature was stirring,
not near and not far!

Empty Atrium on Dec. 23

But if you are curious
and know where to look
you’ll find some activity
in a cranny or nook.

Wilson Wing Attic HVAC Project

The Wilson Wing attic
is full of metal and men
constructing new air ducts
to keep temperatures even.

New Tile for the Stairwells

Take the stairs to the next spot
And you surely will smile
to find the Wilson Wing staircase
Getting a new set of tiles.

New Compact Shelving Wilson 1

Way below in the basement
compact shelving’s being built
to store books that free space
elsewhere for people sans guilt.


Last but not least
You won’t want to ignore
a side trip through slumbering Starbucks
to see the new east entrance door.

New East Entrance Door

Happy Holidays and check back in January to see how all these projects turn out!