ZSR Library is constantly assessing how students use the library. During focus groups held last spring, students indicated that there is a distinct need to be able to hunker down in the library and get work done! To that end, we decided to take the doors off of some of our individual study carrels on the 2nd floor of the Reynolds wing to make them open for any student to use, anytime the library is open. Need a spot to just buckle down and get that paper written? This might be just the solution for you.


At present, we are not putting a time limit on how long an individual can use the space. We only ask that you respect the space and take out your trash when you go as a courtesy for the next student. Also, be a good citizen of the Earth and make sure to turn off the light on your way out. We hope these study carrels help to meet the need. If they are hugely popular, more individual study rooms can be freed up for this purpose, too! Good luck with finals, Deacs!