The Summer of 2016 found ZSR full of zombies! Starting with the “alumni edition” of Humans v Zombies (HvZ) where 220 alumni and their children, along with faculty and staff and their children in early June! Later in June ZSR hosted 100 students participating in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute for Youth (BFTF) and in July we hosted another event attended by 100 students from the LENS program, Summer Bridge program, and new student athletes. Late August found us hosting 250 new students who were participating in the pre-orientation programs, World Wide Wake (WWW),  Students Promoting Action and Responsibility in the Community (SPARC), and Building University Inclusion and Leadership through Diversity (BUILD). We concluded a great summer with 260 new students attending our September 2nd HvZ event in ZSR, and thanks to the Student Activities Fund, we were able to purchase more blasters and darts, making sure everyone who attended could play! From June 1st to Saturday, September 3rd, ZSR saw 930 people attend these events.

There are many people we need to thank who helped make this Summer of events possible! Thanks to ZSR Library Dean, Tim Pyatt, for attending and supporting these events, Associate Dean Susan Smith and  Director of Access Services, Mary Beth Lock, Director of Research and Instruction, Rosalind Tedford, Meghan Webb, Joy Gambill, Chris Burris, David Link and Tim Mitchell, as well as our ZSR Fellow, Sophie Leveque. I also want to thank several people outside of ZSR, Laura Harrell, Rachel Weaver, Kristin Weisse, Prof Ron Von Burg, Prof. Allesandra Von Burg, and Prof. Nate French, as well as Dean of Students, Adam Goldstein, Associate Dean Tim Wilkinson, and Amy Ciaccia. So many people help ZSR make these events a success, and the feedback we get from the student surveys let us know we need to keep offering these events in the future.