Students Lunch at ZSR

On Saturday, November 26th 2016, the ZSR Library hosted our third annual Thanksgiving Weekend Lunch in the atrium. Five volunteers fed 70 people sandwiches from Jimmy John’s from 11:30am-1:30pm. We want to thank our volunteers, Library Dean, Tim Pyatt, Debby Giesler Pyatt, Rosalind Tedford, and Patrick Rudd for making this event possible. We had many undergraduate and graduate students drop by for lunch. Some community patrons, and some families visiting campus were pleasantly surprised to find lunch available in ZSR and joined us as well! We even had a few members of the Boston College pep band come by! While we enjoyed feeding everyone, the Library hosts this event to provide a¬†Saturday dining option for ¬†our students who stay on campus for the Thanksgiving holiday break. We are open 11-4pm on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and each year we see an increase in the number of students coming to ZSR to enjoy lunch! This is a fun event, enjoyed by our volunteers almost as much as by our students!

Lunch at ZSR Volunteers