Since Thanksgiving 2013, ZSR has hosted a meal in the Library on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for students who remain on campus while food services are closed.  In 2013 we tried “dinner and a movie” with pizza and “The Avengers” in the ZSR Auditorium. From 2014-2016 we offered sandwiches from Jimmy John’s for lunch on Saturday, and this year we took it to the next level, serving burritos from Chipotle!


Thanks to Dean Pyatt for funding this awesome event and Dean Goldstein for supporting all the efforts to make sure students remaining on campus for Thanksgiving had dining options! We want to thank our volunteers, Library Dean, Tim Pyatt, Debby Giesler Pyatt, Thomas Dowling, Meghan Webb, and Patrick Rudd for making this event possible. We were open 11-4pm on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, with 133 patrons on Friday and 205 patrons on Saturday. Each year we see an ever-increasing number of students coming to ZSR to enjoy lunch. This year we saw an increase of just under ten percent from the previous year!