After the pilot of our latest incarnation of HvZ called “Outbreak” with the Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellows in July, this followup event with SPARC, BUILD, World Wide Wake, MazalWAKE, and others was more than twice at large, with over 250 participants.  These new WFU first-year students and their program assistants fought off the zombie horde throughout the 170,000 sq. ft. of the ZSR Library! A huge thanks to the amazing volunteers who staffed the event! Mary Beth Lock, Meghan Webb, Alice Eng, Kathy Shields, Tim Mitchell, David Link, and Chris Burris all worked hard to make sure these students had a wonderful time! Now we get to do it all again in 10 days on Friday, August 31st, right after the ZSR Open! (our new mini-golf open house event!)

OUTBREAK-www-sparc-build 2018