This article is more than 5 years old.

On the afternoon of March 2, I was pleased to be the invited guest of Travis Manning at a luncheon for all those who completed the components of CORE last year. Offered through the Professional Development Center at WFU, the CORE training (Cultivating our Organization to Realize Excellence) is a series of classes that focus on developing the five competencies of  communication, community, leadership, organizational acumen, and personal progression. Completing the series of classes is completely self paced and each class in the curriculum can be used to progress toward completion of one of the competencies. The classes offered are wide ranging and take quite a while to complete (minimum is 24 months!)

Graduating along with Travis are some other familiar faces from across the campus.  His plaque was engraved by JL Bolt and was cut from an oak tree that was harvested from near President Hatch’s house.  Stop by his desk and Congratulate him, and let him show off his beautiful plaque! Congratulations Travis! This is terrific recognition for a job well done!