This article is more than 5 years old.

On Friday, January 18th, 51 students joined volunteers from the ZSR Library for two fun, fast-paced games of OUTBREAK! We left our Nerf Blasters at home and yellow foam balls became the necessary item to stop the zombie horde! We couldn’t host these events without our dedicated volunteers from the ZSR staff and faculty! We want to thank Mary Beth Lock, Meghan Webb, Barry Davis, Tim Mitchell, David Link, and our ZSR Student Ambassadors, Lindsay Moran andĀ Suprene Mohamedzein for helping us get everyone registered and in the door! Lastly, we want to acknowledge Associate Dean Susan Smith, who worked her final zombieĀ event in the Library prior to her retirement this Summer. Susan has volunteered for these events since they began nine years ago, often providing the wonderful photos we have of these events on our Flickr site. Thank you, Susan! Photos from Friday’s events are also posted on Flickr.