After a two-year hiatus, Outbreak @ ZSR-Alumni Edition returned for Summer 2019! In partnership with Alumni Engagement, Laura Harrell and her team marketed the event to local Alumni, Faculty and Staff, who brought their kids and joined in the fun playing humans v zombies in ZSR! Thanks to Alumni Engagement, Kona Ice was served during the event as well! We played three games over 90 minutes and a wonderful time was had by all! A shout out and thanks to Mary Beth Lock for working the event while the team from Alumni Engagement handled all the release forms and registration at the door! We had two awesome ZSR Student Assistants who also worked the event. Thanks Eva and Quinn! And a special thanks to Chris Burris who checked in with us during the event and helped us “sweep” the building for human or zombie stragglers after the event! We missed our loyal volunteer, Associate Dean, Susan Smith, due to her retirement in Beaufort. As our unofficial Library Photographer, she always took amazing photos! Thanks to Mary Beth and Eva we did manage to gather some cell phone photos and post them to the ZSR Flickr site. We hope to continue this fun event next year!