The ZSR Library hosted three awesome “Outbreak@ZSR” humans v zombies events this Summer! First, there was “OUTBREAK! Alumni Edition” for WFU Fac/Staff/kids and local Alumni, and then there was another game of OUTBREAK for the Pre-Orientation Camps on Monday, August 19th, and finally, on Saturday, August 31st, more than 150 students attended “OUTBREAK@ZSR” as part of new student orientation! Thanks to all these volunteers listed for working one or more of these events: Tim and Debby Pyatt, Meghan Webb, Mary Beth Lock, Denice Lewis, Chris Burris, Barry Davis, Roz Tedford, Tim Mitchell, David Link, and ZSR Student Ambassadors Suprene Mohamedzein, Victoria Oduwa, and Jordan Rumsford! We can’t do it without the help of all these wonderful volunteers! Special thanks to Meghan Webb and Barry Davis who made the new green screen photo booth possible at Saturday’s event! Please check out these wonderful photos by Jordan Rumsford and consider volunteering to work one of these fun events in the future!