On Friday, January 31st, 2020, twenty-six Wake Forest student authors spent eight hours in the ZSR Library writing the third edition of our Writers’ Camp series. After an excellent and inspiring keynote address by Dr. Ryan Shirey at 4 pm, and a pizza dinner sponsored by the Office of Personal and Career Development, students fueled on pizza and coffee wrote until 12 midnight, with writing support provided by the graduate tutors from the WFU Writing Center. The event concluded with a sparkling cider toast and cupcakes as 26 happy students celebrated their accomplishments! You can see photos from the event on the ZSR Library Flickr site.

Writers' Camp 2020

Over the next month, the volume will be prepared and edited, published, and finally, copies will be printed for each participant. Additionally, a signed copy will be housed in Special Collections and Archives and another copy in the ZSR Library main stacks. To hear more about this event, please attend the Writers’ Camp 2020 panel at  Words Awake 4 on Friday, April 3rd at 4pm in Benson 410.

Thanks to all the volunteers from OPCD, the Writing Center, and the ZSR Library who made this event possible!