On Friday, September 9th, from 7-9 PM, the ZSR Library hosted the Wake Forest eSports Club, the Board Game Club, the Rook and Bishop Chess Club, and the Dungeons & Dragons Club, which resulted in our largest game night ever, with over 131 gamers attending the event! We had pizza, gelato, and ZSR branded “Merch” for all who attended!

Thanks to the team who helped prepare for this event in advance, Meghan Webb, Tim Mitchell, David Link, James Harper, and Daisha Bunn (who, along with Tim Mitchell, joined the team working the event as well.) Without this team marketing the event weeks in advance and setting up for the event early on the 9th, we would not have seen these large numbers, nor would we have been prepared for them by 7 PM.

Special thanks to the team from ZSR working the event! Daisha Bunn and Colleen Foy managed the registration desk, Carolyn McCallum managed the welcome desk and later the pizza table and merch table, Christian Burris took pics and videos with Daisha Bunn, Barry Davis set up and managed the PA system and Chromebooks at check-in all evening, and Library Dean, Tim Pyatt, worked most every table over the course of the evening! Also, a big shout out to the ZSR Ambassadors who also worked the event, Parker Beverly, Madi Shaver, and Collin Sharp. We simply could not do these big events without our volunteers from the ZSR staff and from the ZSR Ambassadors. (and you can check out some pics from the event on Twitter, and video on TikTok HERE.