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Lauren Corbett

Lauren Corbett, Director of Resource Services

Tell us about what you do at ZSR Library?

I have administrative responsibility for the budget, acquisition, and description of the library’s collection.

What is your favorite book/podcast/movie?

I love old black and white movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age and it is so hard to choose just one to name here, but every time Casablanca comes up on TCM, I just can’t seem to pass on it.

What is your favorite library story? (or memorable experience?)

I get a kick out of telling people how my current job is the third time I’ve worked at ZSR Library. The first time was a summer in my college years, and I split my time between cataloging and reference. I typed added volumes onto shelflist cards, filed cards into the catalog, and typed 7 part (carbon) ILL forms. The second time came after a practicum, which was split between cataloging (with Leslie McCall, Wanda Brown, and Gloria Frost) and collection management (with Jill Carraway, Charles Getchell, and Linda Early). My practicum segued into a few months of temp work for Wanda until I got my first full time librarian position. I processed standing orders and did a lot of bib and item editing in Dynix. After working at three other universities, two in other states, I returned for my current job. Third time is the charm!

How did you start working in libraries?

I was making $12,000 a year as a travel agent and decided I would have to get a graduate degree to have a career and sustain myself. My dad married a librarian, and she showed me a trade journal with ads for jobs in it. I quickly realized that travel agents and librarians have a lot in common: helping people meet their needs by using information retrieved via computers.

What is something we can’t know by looking at you?

I lived in Montpellier, France for a year as a college student — something that had a great impact on how I live and think. I’m a huge fan of study abroad.