My name is Maddie Koontz, and I am the Wake Forest Fellow here at ZSR! I graduated cum laude from Wake in May with a Bachelors of Science in Business and a double major in Classical Studies, and Business and Enterprise Management with a Marketing Concentration.

I grew up in a family of big Wake Forest fans, as my father and grandfather are both double Deacs, and my mother is from Winston-Salem. When I was making my college decision, I was adamant at first that I was going to be ‘different’ and not go here, but I realized through interactions and self-reflection that Wake Forest was going to be the best fit for me. Overall, I never regretted my decision, and I loved my time as a student. My brother is also a Deac, and he will be graduating in 2025!

Last year, as I was pondering what to do after graduation, I came across the Wake Forest Fellows program. At the time, I was between applying for this program and a similar one that would take me to Europe for a year. After careful consideration and contemplation, I realized that the chance to spend a year experiencing another side of Wake would be an invaluable opportunity that I could not pass up. So, I applied and received the incredible offer to work here at ZSR.

As a Wake Forest Fellow, I will be working here for a year, assisting in various operations within the dean’s office and the marketing and outreach department. In addition to ZSR-specific tasks and responsibilities, I participate in leadership lunches, career-building activities, and other assignments across the university with the rest of my fellows cohort.

During the first 90 days, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various teams on a plethora of projects. The diversity of the work I have conducted thus far has allowed me to better understand where my strengths and passions lie. Some of the projects that have brought me the most satisfaction have been those of a creative nature. Designing and curating social media posts, physical marketing materials, and ZSR branded merch are among the projects that have brought me the most energy. In addition to creating, front-facing projects are fulfilling and provide exciting energy for me. Front-facing projects and tasks such as Fun Fast Tours, coordinating student-focused outreach/events, Deacs Day of Giving, and engaging with the WFU community at campus-wide fairs.

Wake Forest Fellows 2023-2024 cohort Graduation Picture of Maddie in front of ZSR Hu and Maddie in a group photo from Humans Vs Zombies