Current Ambassadors


We asked our Ambassadors, why do you love ZSR and what class at WFU have you most enjoyed so far?

  • Isabel Ballou

    Isabel Ballou

    I love the ZSR because it is my home away from home. To me, the ZSR as a little piece of haven among the the craziness of the college campus. One of my favorite classes at Wake so far has been my freshman year writing seminar. The course focused on writing in the future. I had the greatest professor ever and his class totally challenged to expand my views about the direction of our future. We read mind blowing post-apocalyptic stories and discussed the way technology is completely transforming the way in which we read and write. We also learned how to write in languages of the future, like coding and tweeting. It was such a refreshingly relevant English class. I wrote a whole paper about James Franco’s Instagram, which was probably one of the most fun I’ve ever had writing a paper for school.

  • Layla Ghiai

    Layla Ghiai

    Social Media/Operations 2017-2018

    My favorite thing about the ZSR is that it’s a whole lot bigger on the inside than on the outside so it’s a pleasant surprise when you walk through the ZSR’s doors. My favorite class at Wake has to be Writing 210: Academic Research and Writing because we learn about techniques of technical writing through investigating pieces revolving around time, a complex concept that I’ve never read about in so much depth before.

  • Hannah Goodwin

    Hannah Goodwin

    I love the ZSR because I know the faculty and staff truly care about my success and always look to improve. One of my favorite classes at Wake was my summer online course for learning C++. I was far away from campus but my professor still took the time to meet with me and all of the projects were fun.

  • Joe Julian

    Joe Julian

    The ZSR Library provides prime study spaces that promote focus and learning. I love sitting on the 6th floor overlooking the atrium down below. Creativity Across the Lifespan, a First Year Seminar taught by Sam Gladding, has been such an interesting and enriching class experience thus far at Wake. The class challenges me to explore how creativity plays such an important role in my life.

  • Dylan King

    Dylan King

    President 2017-2018

    One thing that I love about ZSR (albeit a little cliche) is its endless supply of books and always friendly/helpful staff. My favorite class at Wake Forest thus far has to be linear algebra; I love the simple elegance and beauty that lies in mathematical proofs.

  • Carson Markland

    Carson Markland

    One thing I love about ZSR is that there are many resources available (books, movies, articles) with which to supplement learning in the classroom, which is also really helpful for writing papers. My favorite class at Wake Forest so far is Art History. I find it interesting to study the intersection of history with creativity and to understand how social conditions influence culture.

  • Rav Mathone

    Rav Mathone

    I love the ZSR library because it is a place for research and it gives students the opportunity to explore global and interdisciplinary studies from the comfort of their home. One of my favorite classes at Wake has been the religion class on Palestinian and Israeli conflict, culture, and politics that I took in Israel. This class helped to expand my world view and gain insight into a field of study very different from my own, encouraging me to ultimately pursue a second major in religious studies in addition to chemistry.

  • Lindsay Moran

    Lindsay Moran

    Vice President 2017-2018

    I love the ZSR because it provides so many resources and everyone there wants to see you succeed. My favorite class so far at Wake has been biological psychology. I enjoy learning about the brain and my professors were amazing. I look forward to being able to work in and help the library as an ambassador.

  • David Mulder

    David Mulder

    Secretary 2017-2018

    One thing I love about ZSR is its great selection of books in all fields. My favorite class at Wake Forest thus far is my Arabic class. The language is beautiful and fascinating, and the other students are very friendly and engaged.

  • Jordan Rumford

    Jordan Rumford

    The library creates a very warm aura; between the librarians, the students, and the building itself I always feel at ease and comfortable. My Favorite Class so far is Chemistry 111. I’m a huge science lover so the class is always fun and intriguing.

  • Isabella Ryan

    Isabella Ryan

    I love ZSR because it has a wide variety of newspapers and magazines from around the world. Furthermore, ZSR has a study spot for everyone and I love studying in ZSR and seeing my friends do the same, My favorite class at Wake is Intro to Archaeology because it is taught by Dr. Jones and because it combines a wide variety of different fields- history, science, the study of artifacts.

  • Jakayla Williams

    Jakayla Williams

    I love ZSR because of the abundance of resources provided and I want to be apart of “Wake Forest’s Google.” Student: I have no idea where to start? What should I do? Ha. I can just ZSR it. As an anthropology major, it makes it tough to narrow down just one class. So my favorite department at Wake continuously reminds me why I chose Wake Forest. If you want to know more, don’t be shy.