Wednesday, September 25

Hours: Open 24 Hours

  • ZSR Library, 477
    This class is designed to address the tasks completed by staff and faculty who are responsible for creating journal entries and budget amendments. Covered topics include: create an accounting journal create an accounting adjustment create a budget amendment an overview of accounting reports PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required for this event.
  • ZSR Library, Special Collections & Archives Research Room (Room 625)
    Books are familiar tools for providing readers with emotional comfort, intellectual content, and soaring inspiration, but are and can be so much more--as objects, they also represent the capacity of art and form to further connect with readers and non-readers alike. Join Special Collections & Archives as we share intriguing examples of the book arts contributed by local artists and Wake Forest students. Artists: Robin Harper, Sara Hiatt, Anne Murray, Joyce Teta, History of the Book Lib260 Students
  • ZSR Library, 665
    This session is ideal for those interested in creating a digital collection, or simply interested in learning the digitization process. We will cover the purpose and essential steps of digitization--specifically with regards to still image and text-based materials. Important components such as hardware, software, file formats, automation, storage and access will be discussed.
  • ZSR Library, 477
    Zotero is a powerful open-source citations manager and research tool that integrates directly into the Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser. Participants will learn how to install and start using Zotero to cite sources and create bibliographies in a matter of minutes. This workshop includes capturing citations from the ZSR Library catalog and databases, storing your collections online with a Zotero cloud account and outputting content in a variety of citation styles. Please bring your laptop to this hands-on session! A connection to the WFU Wi-Fi network is required for this class, and you will need Microsoft Word to use the "Cite while you Write" features of Zotero. Zotero Website ZSR Library's Guide to Zotero
  • ZSR Library, Library Auditorium (Room 404)
    Jelani Ince (’14) is a doctoral candidate in sociology at Indiana University, Bloomington. His research interests concern the areas of race, culture, and organizations. His dissertation investigates how interactions shape people’s understandings of how to navigate institutional myths. In the last few decades scholars have focused on integrated organizations to examine how different racial groups engage in these spaces. However, interactions are rarely highlighted in discussions of how these organizations continue to enable, or fight against, racial segregation. Based on data collected from an ethnography of a religious organization, this study focuses on how members work in conflict and in concert with each other to pursue racial diversity. Members have to wade through institutionalized myths about their religious beliefs, which are marked by the pernicious legacies of the U.S.’ racial history, with the practical outworking of those beliefs in interaction with each other. He argues that a focus on these interactions is important for understanding how organizations work and why the challenges people face in interactions matter for organizational outcomes. Sponsored by the American Ethnic Studies program