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Thank You Note Workshop

On Tuesday March 28th, from 5 pm to 7 pm, ZSR and OPCD co-hosted the Say Thanks Workshop. This event featured how to’s and general guidelines from, Jennifer Richwine, the author of With Gratitude: The Power of a thank you note. So many people arrived to take part in the workshop that extra chairs had to... more

September 15: Active Learning in One-Shot Sessions

Roz on her Junk Science BI Uses the Wellness blog at Time Magazine Found an article on body image Had students read and summarize She knew the cited study in it was Open Access, so as long as they got to it through Google Scholar, the students could read the full text She then gave... more

Day 10: Question?

This is just a space in case you have questions or comments on active learning! Do you do anything interesting with your classes that you would like to share? (We’d like to hear it!) more

Day 10: The Meta

So I didn’t do too much in class on Friday. This was because I felt that if we were taking a day to do active learning, it should be as active as possible, with as little from me as possible. I tried to slip entirely into a facilitator role. Some noted that physical things are... more

Day 10: Active Learning

Our tenth day focused on active learning, something several people had requested to know more about. Active learning is an umbrella term that includes many different schools of thought within education, and I’ve tried to incorporate some level of it into each class we’ve had. Since you’ve been in a class that’s been lead by... more

Day 8: Learning Theory, the Meta

Today we talked about several types of learning theories, really quickly. We’ll go into several of them in greater depth in the next few classes. Because I used a very “meta” approach, I’m rolling the two posts into one here. We started with a Q&A exercise that Kevin, Craig, and I have used in Lib100.... more