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Finding ways to combine cloud computing and open source software

A few days ago Omeka, an open source digital content publishing system, introduced a cloud-based hosting solution for users. The solution features a tiered service level (from Free to $999 per year) and provides users with a point and click solution for launching digital collections. This model has been used by other organizations such as... Continue reading “Finding ways to combine cloud computing and open source software”

ZSR Library running pilot project for thin clients

We all know how central cloud computing is to ZSR Library. Now that we are completing our migration at the server level we are beginning to think about what cloud computing could mean for our public and staff library computers. As a first step in examining this question we are participating in a thin client... Continue reading “ZSR Library running pilot project for thin clients”

Emerging Tech Talk: Cloud Computing

With “Cloud Computing” popping up all over the place, I figured we could use an emerging tech talk on the topic. Today, 13 of us got together to discuss the topic. We started with a brief overview of what cloud computing is, talking about some services we’re all familiar with that fall into the category.... Continue reading “Emerging Tech Talk: Cloud Computing”