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Google Books Wins Again

Happy Open Access Week! Each October, institutions around the globe celebrate and advocate for open access to knowledge, be it articles or books or data or learning materials. To celebrate OA this week, I will be blogging about OA and OA-related news. So, to kick things off, I’m going to start by pointing you to... more

Timeline of Google Books Settlement

The Google Books settlement stemmed from lawsuits related to the Google Books digitization project. The original settlement from October 2008 has seen alot of opinion and criticism in the last year. Below is a short list of sites that cover the developments: Google Books Settlement page ZSR Library blog entries discussing the settlement Timeline of... more

Emerging Tech Talk: Google Books Settlement

Today’s Emerging Tech Talk was on the Google Books Settlement with a brief introduction to the Life Magazine Photo Archive that is now available through Google. I gave an image heavy presentation, so here is the bit about the Life (with extra notes slides): If you’re interested in searching for images, you can go to... more