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Instruction at ZSR

One of the things that is challenging when someone leaves an organization is the loss of institutional memory. For that reason, I’m leaving this post, to remind you of all the many instructional resources you have available to support your teaching: Instruction website: This page has information about the program we offer–in person instruction, self... Continue reading “Instruction at ZSR”

Bringing speakers to ZSR through WebEx

Over the last few months the University has been testing WebEx, a real-time collaboration tool that includes video, audio, desktop, and application sharing. I have used WebEx a few times in my Information literacy course this semester already and found generally positive student reception to it. They indicated that while WebEx had a bit of... Continue reading “Bringing speakers to ZSR through WebEx”

Introducing the ZSR Toolkit!

You may or may not have heard of the Toolkit, a new way of offering information literacy tutorials for our users. I’m really, really excited about this project, as I think it’s a way to meet our user’s needs in a way that fits with their expectations, potentially could help us to prepare better instructional... Continue reading “Introducing the ZSR Toolkit!”