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Talking “Pandemic Perseverance: Art, Memory, and Mindfulness”

I was recently asked by members of the Charlotte-area Metrolina Library Association to participate in a panel titled “Pandemic Perseverance: Art, Memory, and Mindfulness.” I talked about starting and continuing work on Special Collections and Archives’ Deacon Experiences during COVID-19 collection, which we started collecting online last April. The two other panelists were Leslie Strauss,... Continue reading “Talking “Pandemic Perseverance: Art, Memory, and Mindfulness””

Day 4: ID in Practice

Pair Work Today made use of pair work, though it evolved into groups of four or five. Pair work is a good way to create an environment where students feel comfortable talking. Introduce a topic, ask students to discuss an issue in pairs, then ask each group to share something they discussed. This lets shy... Continue reading “Day 4: ID in Practice”