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A Year(ish) at Home, Working on Collections

Hello from the collections side of SCA, where we work on appraising, organizing, and describing physical, digitized, and digital primary sources. A covid-19 collections plan is drastically different from a normal one, as you might imagine. During a normal school year, between four and eight students work on collections processing and description projects aimed at... Continue reading “A Year(ish) at Home, Working on Collections”

Describing Sensitive Materials at SCA

We have talked about the complicated and sometimes contradictory histories that we find in the archives before, and we will again. I wanted to share today how the Special Collections staff and our descriptive practices continue to evolve as we work with artifacts of trauma and suffering. As purveyors of primary documents, the archives are... Continue reading “Describing Sensitive Materials at SCA”

Updating Tools and Testing New Ovens: Changes to Collections Management in SCA

New (fiscal) year, new… collections management tool. As I mentioned in my recent post about newly processed collections, SCA and especially I have been busy adopting a new tool to help us manage our materials. Our collections management covers physical control of collections:¬†how many boxes or oversize objects make up a collection, where all of... Continue reading “Updating Tools and Testing New Ovens: Changes to Collections Management in SCA”

Getting the Collections to the People

We’re always working hard here, behind the scenes in Special Collections and Archives, to make our materials accessible to researchers of all kinds. Collection information that is found in our finding aids, for example this overview and collection inventory for the Office of the Provost, Edwin G. Wilson Records, helps SCA faculty and staff as... Continue reading “Getting the Collections to the People”