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Impact of impact

If you’ve been around the scholarly journal publishing scene, either as an author or a librarian, you’ve likely heard talk of impact. Often, that’s impact with a big “I” – the Journal Impact Factor. Published annually each June by Thomson Reuters, the impact factor is a metric that ranks journals by the average number of... Continue reading “Impact of impact”

Looking back, looking forward

Until yesterday, 2013 has not been a year of positive movement in the scholarly communication realm. In early January, many were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Aaron Swartz, a leading advocate for open access. Although his methodology has been questioned by some, the principles that inspired his actions are sound. In... Continue reading “Looking back, looking forward”

Accessing Scholarship

Authors want readers. Why else would they publish? For authors of research publications, the above statement is true but the question is too simple. Researchers publish for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to establish and share their scholarship, with the aim that it will be read and cited by others.... Continue reading “Accessing Scholarship”

Blogging as Scholarship

Blogs enable rapid dissemination and advancement of ideas. Why aren't they deemed contributions to scholarship? Continue reading “Blogging as Scholarship”

Sharing Your Research

Discoverability of research is vital to scholarship and the expansion of knowledge. Are your publications optimized for maximum reach and impact? Continue reading “Sharing Your Research”