During December 2007

ITC Updates Equipment and Adds A Public TV

New 46″ Sharp LCD Monitor and TV in ITC Screening Room With classroom, meeting room and group study space at a premium in the library, we have been slowly trying to upfit the ITC screening room so it can offer flexibility for a variety of uses. Last year we replaced the furniture but weren’t funded... more

Preservation Training for PCL

Over the past 2 years, I’ve worked with the Professional Center Library to set up a small preservation area. This week, Angie Hobbs from PCL came over to ZSR and we worked for a few hours on some of her more pesky repairs. We consolidated a text block and applied end sheets; replaced a spine;... more

ZSR Recycles!

You may have noticed that ZSR has stepped up its recycling efforts this semester. We’re keeping pace with the rest of the university as Jim Alty, the new Assistant VP of Facilities Management, drives Wake Forest toward a more sustainable posture. Throughout the library, one can find receptacles for recycling glass, metal, paper and plastic.... more

ZSR Gets Blog Post in OGB

Check out these blog posts on the Old Gold and Black website: There’s nothin’ like kickin’ it at Club ZSR until dawn ZSR Begins Extended Hours for Exams Also, a mention about the renovations in the 24 hour study rooms in the News and Opinion sections of this week’s OGB: Students offer suggestions to renovate... more

“The Uncommon Reader” by Alan Bennett

I’ve decided to bring back an old staple to the Gaz, the book review! A friend of mine, a British expatriate living in Houston, keeps me supplied with British book recommendations that I might otherwise miss. His latest recommendation is by Alan Bennett, the author, playwright and Tony Award-winning actor. Alan Bennett’s recent work includes... more

Wireless Issues During the Last Week of Class Cause Chaos in the ZSR Library

The Library hit a little snag this week when wireless in our building started causing consternation amongst our busy student population. It was quite the mystery on campus as to why all of a sudden people were being kicked off the internet or not allowed on. Upon further investigation from our Information Systems department, the... more

Meet Joe

I’ve enjoyed meeting you all over the past couple of months, and thank you for helping me to feel welcome at ZSR. At the request of our very own blog-czar, and in case anyone happens to be interested, here are a few details that may help you to feel you know me a bit better.... more

Senior Art Major Uses ZSR as Canvas

Billy Brown, a Senior Art major from Nashville, Tennessee is using the ZSR Library as a template for his art work. Billy’s piece is called, Sunken, and it’s his final project for his Public Art class. Each night, from 9pm-12am (somedays it starts at 6pm), Billy is projecting moving images onto the outside back wall... more

From the Suggestion Box: A Recent Comment

Why is the library only open until 1 am on Saturday the 8th? Most of us have exams the following Monday and will have no where to study once the library closes. We have used all the resources we can muster to stay open until 3:00 am during the week and 1:00 am on the... more