This article is more than 5 years old.

Sunken by Billy Brown

Billy Brown, a Senior Art major from Nashville, Tennessee is using the ZSR Library as a template for his art work. Billy’s piece is called, Sunken, and it’s his final project for his Public Art class. Each night, from 9pm-12am (somedays it starts at 6pm), Billy is projecting moving images onto the outside back wall of the library just above the awning on the loading dock. The 19 minute loop of moving images consists of 13 different objects found on the Wake campus slowly being pushed up out of the water by his hand. The object is then slowly rotated by his hand and then sunk back into the water. Billy filmed all of this using a tripod set up over a fish tank filled with blue water. He says that the objects coming out of the water could represent vices, but he says it’s definitely open to interpretation.

When I asked Billy why he chose to use the library, he said it was mainly because of the darkness of the location and that it is a busy area for foot traffic. It’s also close to where the shuttle picks up and drops off students. He also added that he felt more comfortable asking the library for the space because we seem to be more open to supporting this kind of creativity.

The project will end on December 9th. So if you are around campus after dark, come take a look. You can also see more of Billy’s work at: