During May 2008

First Meeting of the New ZSR Journal Reading Group

On Tuesday, May 6th, the new ZSR Journal Reading Group met in the ITC Screening room not only to discuss the article “Participatory Networks: The Library as a Conversation”, but also to organize the structure of the group. After some discussion, it was decided to meet on the first Thursday of each month at 11am... more

Current Periodicals are DONE!!

At 2pm this afternoon I placed the last of the Current Periodicals on the shelf with its shelf tag — and there was room to spare. There is still a lot of clean up and many loose ends to tie up, but at least they all have a home. Thanks to everyone who helped make... more

ZSR Gettin’ Skinnier!!

Our total weight loss this week was 10.5 pounds — which brings us up to over 18 pounds!! And now Erik has joined us, so we’ll be raking in the lost pounds! Thanks for all the support we’re getting!! Of course we have family trips, vacations, birthdays coming up so we are not promising to... more

Current Periodicals Have a New Location

The location for ZSR Library’s current periodicals has changed. They are now housed in the Reference Department on the 4th floor of the Wilson Wing. In addition to their new home, the periodicals are now shelved in LC (Library of Congress) call number order. This ensures that patrons will be able to find similar subject... more

Construction Season begins

Check out our renovation and construction photos: ZSR Renovations 2008! The construction season will begin in ZSR on May 9th with the emptying of the front two “24 hour” study rooms, and the simultaneous removal of the shelving from the Periodicals Room. Once the Periodicals Room is emptied, the furniture from the 24 hour rooms,... more

From the Suggestion Box: A Recent Comment

Paint instead of markers for the board in the atrium. But other than that its GREAT! HAha, We had no idea how much our students liked paint! The paint shall return next year! more

ZSR Gettin’ Skinny!

The six of us from ZSR who are participating in Weight Watchers at work (Heather, Roz, Mary Beth, Julia, Megan and Susan) are keeping a log of how much weight (collectively) we lose so we are accountable. This was a great week – We are 8.2 pounds lighter then we were last week!! GO US!!! more

From the Suggestion Box: A Recent Comment

1) In addition to having a "cash to deacon card" machine near the circulation desk, I think we should have one in the Cafe 24 Hour Room. This way, people can easily put money on their card if the machines need exact change or if they need to pay for prints. 2) I don't know... more

From the Suggestion Box: Thank You for Wake the Library

Thank you to everyone for keeping the coffee, sugar, and creamer filled and fresh!! You all save my life by keeping the library open all night. I am grateful to whoever it is that works to help us graduate students have a place to do our work at 3 in the morning. Thank you again!!!... more