During June 2008

Summer Olympics Update

Game Time Today the Zephyrs fielded an inner tube water polo team. Roz, Susan, Mary Beth and Carolyn took to the pool against the Dukes of Hazardous Waste (Residence Life and Housing). We played hard and Mary Beth took a kick to the nose. Our opponents had two really big guys that were hard to... more

MedCat at WFU

This week, forty high school students from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians attended the MedCat program at Wake Forest University. MedCat stands for Medical Careers and Technology. The program was led by Professor Ulrike Wiethaus and partners Wake Forest University with the School of Medicine to teach these students about careers in the medical... more

ZSR Zephyrs Return to WFU 2008 Summer Olympics!

After a year’s hiatus (to allow other teams a chance to win), the ZSR Zephyrs have returned the the WFU Staff Summer Olympics this season! This year’s roster is comprised of Heather Gillette, Prentice Armstrong (team veteran), Roz Tedford, Erik Mitchell (team veteran), Mary Beth Lock, Carolyn McCallum and Susan Smith (team veteran). There will... more

Teams Info and Tech Become “Research, Instruction & Technology Services”

Effective June 1, Research and Information Services (aka Team Info) and Information Technology (aka Tech Team) merged into a new team. As Lynn conveyed in her lib-l announcement to the staff, this merger will help optimize our ability to accomplish the library’s strategic goals. Our first retreat took place on Monday, June 9. Over the... more

ZSR Host TIP Students

On Friday, June 6th 250 students receiving recognition for their outstanding Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) plus their families were on the campus of Wake Forest University to go on campus tours and attend various sessions. The ZSR Library hosted two such sessions, one entitled “In the Know: Rare Books and Archives” and one entitled... more