Effective June 1, Research and Information Services (aka Team Info) and Information Technology (aka Tech Team) merged into a new team. As Lynn conveyed in her lib-l announcement to the staff, this merger will help optimize our ability to accomplish the library’s strategic goals.

Our first retreat took place on Monday, June 9. Over the 3 hour period, we explored many avenues for making an effective transition. Of course, one of the first orders of business was to decide on a new team name.

“Research, Instruction & Technology Services” describes the major functional responsibilities for the team. There are many intersections of these three important services that are already taking place in what team members accomplish. By highlighting them in the new team name, we hope to emphasize the areas of synergy that our new team will bring to the library’s mission.

In keeping with the library field’s affection for acronyms, we also considered how the new name would be abbreviated. So, feel free to refer to us as “RITS”!