After riding my bicycle to work, I was sitting in my office (in shorts and flip-flops). I’d planned on changing into my work clothes after I cooled off. Then, in walks my supervisor and the library director with a visitor-yikes! My attire wasn’t an issue at all (except to me) and the four of us walked off into the library to look at a newly named reading room that I’d helped with. This encounter went swimmingly well and actually was a highlight of my day.

Later, I replaced directional signs outside the library. Our main entrance is under construction this summer, so I had some signs made to get patrons in the building more efficiently. Later, I re-ordered my rare books because I got a book truck of these books that needed repair. I needed to place them in call number order on my shelves and incorporate them into the ones I already had shelved.

In the afternoon, we had a library wide staff meeting where we discussed a newly organized library team and the development of faculty status for librarians.