During July 2008

Zephyrs Take Silver in the 2008 Summer Olympics

Today was the final competition for the 2008 WFU Staff Summer Olympics. The challenge was a relay: Prentice and Mary Beth formed a human wheelbarrow (Prentice started out holding up Mary Beth as she walked on her hands, but they switched off midway). Then, when they arrive at the pie table, Prentice had to eat... more

Leather Workshop

Various leathers are examined by the class: sheep, calf and goat Seven preservationists from across North Carolina participated in a Leather Repair Workshop was held in the ZSR Preservation Lab, July 24-25, 2008. The workshop presenter was Jim Hinz, a Book Conservator at the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts in Philadelphia. The workshop... more

Summer Olympic Update #4

Zephyrs’ Croquet Team The 2008 WFU Summer Olympics is drawing to a close next week. But there are still competitions and lifestyle points to be accumulated! This week, croquet was the contest, a first for the Olympics series. None of the Zephyrs were ringers for this sport, one that dates back to the middle ages.... more

Talking With Wake Students

Over the past few months, Kevin and I have gotten together with a few sets of students to conduct some informal focus groups. The students we have spoken with, though a small group, have been from all years and from varying majors. Our aim is to better understand how our students find information, how they... more

Update on RITS Organization Efforts

During the past several weeks since the Research, Instruction and Technology Services Team was formed, efforts have been underway to establish its structure. Initial organizational structure was announced last week. Two team sub-units have been established to facilitate daily operations. Roz Tedford has been appointed Assistant Head of Research and Instruction Services and Erik Mitchell... more

Friday finale

I began today by finishing my re-shelving project. Along the way, I found a 1942 edition of Huckleberry Finn with Mark Twain’s signature in the front, as well as a 1926 Winnie-the-Pooh edition signed by A. A. Milne and the original illustrator, E. H. Shepard. What fun! Following this effort, I printed drafts of two... more

A blur

After riding my bicycle to work, I was sitting in my office (in shorts and flip-flops). I’d planned on changing into my work clothes after I cooled off. Then, in walks my supervisor and the library director with a visitor-yikes! My attire wasn’t an issue at all (except to me) and the four of us... more

Care of Scrapbooks Workshop

an example of an old scrapbook On Wednesday, July 16, Vicki Johnson and I attended a Solinet workshop on caring for scrapbooks. The workshop was presented by Jessica Leming of Solinet Preservation Services. This workshop covered a seldom addressed topic-the deterioration of older scrapbook collections. These scrapbooks take a variety of shapes and forms- ledgers,... more

Day Moves

The start of a new week brings new stuff to do. Yesterday, I actually began repairing some books that had been sitting for some time. My responsibilities often mean that my primary job-preservation-gets left until the dust settles. I’m currently working on re-designing our library brochures, normally, not a huge job. This year, however, we... more

Deacon Discovery!

On Sunday, July 13th, Roz led the 30 new freshmen student athletes through a twenty minute introduction to the Z. Smith Reynolds Library. These students came to the library in three groups, one group every twenty minutes, over the course of an hour. We placed them in the ITC desktop computer lab and had the... more