The start of a new week brings new stuff to do. Yesterday, I actually began repairing some books that had been sitting for some time. My responsibilities often mean that my primary job-preservation-gets left until the dust settles. I’m currently working on re-designing our library brochures, normally, not a huge job. This year, however, we have a new logo and a 90 page Identity Standards booklet with guidelines on logo use and placement. As a result, I have to look at almost every detail, not just the text. So, it was fun to perform a few repairs yesterday afternoon.

Today, I’ll be working on exhibits-another one of my areas of responsibility. Our library has emptied out a large room that held our Periodicals and converted it into a study area. This room has 10 exhibit cases, most of which were hidden behind large newspaper and magazine cabinets. With these cabinets removed, I’ll need to put ‘something’ in these now revealed exhibit cases. I hope to use some exhibits I’ve saved from the past so I’ll be able to do this quickly. And hopefully, this afternoon I’ll repair a few more books!

Life in the library is different every day and that makes this a great job.