“When this old world starts getting me down……..” as the song goes, I go up on the roof! In May, I had the opportunity to check out our beloved former logo-the cupola- in person. I had mentioned in passing to one of my students, Kala Brown (whose Dad, Hugh is the “go-to guy” around here for most Facilities jobs) that I’d love to go up and see the library cupola. The next day, Kala had arranged a personal tour with Hugh. We went to the 8th floor, passed through a door into a dark room, and then through another door and we were under the library roof. A short climb up several sets of metal ladders and we passed through a door onto the cupola. The view was spectacular and a little dizzying. The campus looks different from above- a peaceful, idyllic community of buildings. In the distance, was Wait Chapel and BB&T Field. The inscription on the bell reads “Presented to Wake Forest College by the Class of 1957”.  Photos of my visit to the cupola are on the library Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zsrlibrary/