The Zephyrs have been working hard and having fun during the WFU Staff Summer Olympics. But the Wednesday “competition” success has been elusive until this week. Each Wednesday, there is a contest between all the teams in a different sport.This week was the basketball shoot. Over the years, sometimes we’ve done OK at basketball, but we wouldn’t make the real Olympic team, if you get the drift.

However, this year, this week, we took top honors – winning the overall competition thanks the the topnotch team of Prentice Armstrong, Erik Mitchell, Carolyn McCallum and Roz Tedford. They were on fire with their shooting accuracy and beat out 10 other teams.

Prentice was so on target, he was the top performer out of 44 shooters. And Erik tied for 2nd place.

It was a good week for the Zephyrs. Way to go guys!