During May 2009

A little change

Tuesday and Wednesday Barry and I work on moving four of the ITC lab computers into the Multi-Media lab. This is in preparation of the ITC shakeup this summer. Three multi-media editing stations were combined into one. This station replaces the seldom used Collaboration Station that was in the back corner. The combined station looks... more

ZSR Library Employee Recognition Luncheon

The annual Employee Recognition Luncheon was held on Friday, May 22, 2009. The theme was ZSR Library Superheroes! Aramark (Posh Plate Catering) catered the luncheon. The agenda: lunch, Lynn read honors from July 2008 to the present, award recipients were announced and team heads gave remarks, played superhero game and gave away 4 door prizes.... more

Erik and Susan are Heading to the Deep South 2009

Students Meet over Dinner in Carswell Hall On Sunday morning, at 8 am, Erik and I will board a bus with 13 Colgate and 6 WFU students to participate in Angela Hattery and Earl Smith’s fourth iteration of “Social Stratification in the Deep South.” The library first participated in this bi-annual sociology summer travel course... more

Library Quiz Bowl

As a result of the staff appreciation survey of what people wanted to do this week, today we held our first Library Quiz Bowl. It was a good time, and we shared many laughs. The event couldn’t have happened without a number of people: Thanks to Team 1: Steve, Roz, and Giz, and Team 2:... more

Asolare Art Exhibits

During the summer of 2009, the Asolare Arts Foundation will have 3 separate art shows in the ZSR Library exhibit cases. This art provides a nice change from the academic, text based exhibits we usually have. These shows will be enjoyed by all I’m sure. John Cahoon is the first artist’s exhibition. more

Teaching Teaching Wrap-Up

Today was the final day of the teaching teaching spring class. We’ve been at it since January, and we’ve held 14 sessions. We’ve had 14 hours (less the minutes early I left for committee meetings) to devote some serious time to coming together as a group to talk about our teaching and hopefully learn a... more

Day 14: Synthesis, the Meta

Today was the final day of the teaching teaching spring class. We’ve been at it since January and have met 14 times. This means folks have devoted some serious time to coming together as a group to talk about their teaching and hopefully learn a few tricks. I started today talking about my design for... more

Student Art Exhibit

Thomas Dzuback, a Wake Forest student, put up a show of his art work in the ZSR Library during April and May, 2009. more

Day 13: SoTL

Today’s session was on the scholarship of teaching and learning. I really wanted to make sure to include it because this is something we’re all capable of doing right now and is nice to address after covering most of the content. I’m also saving the last class for wrap up and synthesis. So, here are... more

Day 12: Assessment

Announcements from the start of class: I’m planning to do a wrap up session for the swap and share. Don’t worry, you’ll still get to swap and share–I just want to make sure to have time to tie together all the threads we’ve started this semester. It’s gonna be a good class, please come if... more