As a result of the staff appreciation survey of what people wanted to do this week, today we held our first Library Quiz Bowl. It was a good time, and we shared many laughs. The event couldn’t have happened without a number of people:

Thanks to Team 1: Steve, Roz, and Giz, and Team 2: Craig, Derrik, and Heather for playing. Kristen very kindly kept score. Mary Beth and Heather loaned us the Trivial Pursuit cards for the game. Mary Reeves provided drinks and Giz provided sugar with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. ILL and Access let us use extremely entertaining buzzers. Thanks to everyone that came out for the game. The game itself was a team effort!

The game was a close one. Team 2 was in the lead at the beginning. The two teams were tied for a bit, and then team 1 pulled ahead in the end. We had such fun, that Roz read through questions for the whole group after the game. With a room full of library folks, we were able to answer nearly every one!