During December 2009

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End of Semester Stress Relief

Early this year, when the Staff Development Committee put out a survey about what people were interested in covering this year, and one topic people had a lot of interest in was stress management. The committee discussed strategies for how to provide programming in this area and decided to hold two stress management programs (one... Continue reading “End of Semester Stress Relief”

Fun at the 2009 ZSR Staff Holiday Party!

The Von Zac Family Singers (Cristina, Craig, Ellen, Heather, Mary Beth, Linda, Prentice (not pictured, sorry!)) Forty five ZSR staffers attended the annual ZSR Holiday Luncheon. It was our third year at Graylyn. The drive into the estate and the walk up to the house are a treat within themselves! The food was simply delicious.... Continue reading “Fun at the 2009 ZSR Staff Holiday Party!”

Food for Fines Results

It is now 5:40pm on Friday, December 11 and while we’ll still continue taking food donations until midnight or so, our Food for Fines inaugural event is coming to a close. We took in a total of 319 cans of food that will be given to Campus Kitchen and distributed to the clients who use... Continue reading “Food for Fines Results”

End of Semester Repairs Really Stack Up!

It’s the end of the semester and exams are upon us. During this time of the academic year, students begin to return the books they’ve held onto. Many of these books are damaged: waterlogged, dog-chewed, ripped, with broken joints and ripped spines they are generally hurting. Much of the focus for Preservation must now be... Continue reading “End of Semester Repairs Really Stack Up!”

Thank You!

On behalf of the Staff Association Committee, I would like to say Thank You to all the cash and food donations for the 2009 Turkeypalooza. ZSR staff donated 61 cans of cranberry sauce to Campus Kitchen. Many thanks and Happy Holidays! The Staff Association Committee Continue reading “Thank You!”

From the Suggestion Box: Unattended Belongings

In my opinion, the situation with students leaving their stuff unattended in the library for hours on end is getting out of hand. As I am writing this, about 50% of the seats in the 4th floor study room (above the 24 hour rooms) have people sitting in them. However, there are maybe 1 or... Continue reading “From the Suggestion Box: Unattended Belongings”

Extended Hours This Weekend

Extended hours this weekend! Friday, the 4th – close at 1 a.m. Saturday, the 5th – 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday, the 6th – open at 6 a.m. Wake the Library starts Sunday night. Continue reading “Extended Hours This Weekend”


After 2 semesters of weekly meetings, we are taking a break from Teaching Teaching. We’ll offer a few teaching workshops over the next few months, and when there is interest, energy, and time, we’ll offer another series of workshops again. Please be sure to let us know if you’re interested!! For the new instructors, Roz... Continue reading “Wrap-Up”