“Any time we either produce or understand an utterance of any reasonable length, we are employing dozens if not hundreds of categories: categories of speech sounds, of words, of phrases and clauses, as well as conceptual categories. Without the ability to categorize, we could not function at all, either in the physical world or in our social and intellectual live” — George Lakoff – Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things.

Categories in the library staff wiki help us automatically organize our pages. There are special pages such as

that are automatically created when you use categories on your wiki pages. This makes it alot easier to find and re-find that important piece of information!

To create a category, enter the following tags at the bottom of you wiki pages [[category:name]]. For example, putting [[category:technology support]] on a page will have it automatically show up on the technology support page.

Tag away & have fun . . . . .