During February 2009

Ice Cream Incident

A group of nine books appeared in my office this week. Across the top of these books is a sloppy puddle of dried Cookies and Cream ice cream. You can see the outline of an upturned container in the dried ice cream. So this seems to be either an intentional thing or negligence on the... more

Teaching and Learning Fair – Spring 2009

On Wednesday, February 25th the Wake Forest University Teaching and Learning Center sponsored a fair in Benson to provide an opportunity for members of the campus community to learn about the pedagogy, techniques, and tools currently in use by faculty. Lauren Pressley served as the representative from the ZSR Library and had an excellent display... more

Teaching and Learning Fair

Yesterday the Teaching and Learning Center hosted it’s annual Teaching and Learning Fair. The library had a booth, and as the library liaison, I chatted with attendees about some of the interesting and innovative ways that library staff teach their classes. Here are the slides that I used on the poster: Many visitors were really... more


The topic for this Friday is Teaching Styles. Roz will be leading the session and will go over the results for a teaching perspectives inventory. Please bring the results to class. more

Day 5: Questions?

This is just a space in case you have questions or comments on the different learning styles/intelligences that we discussed! more

Day 5: Learning Styles / Multiple Intelligences

On day 5, we discussed learning styles and multiple intelligences. As there are many theories on both these issues, and both overlap, we spent the first 15 minutes discussing trends between the two, and how to incorporate activities for people with strong learning preferences in each category. From there, Roz took the helm, putting a... more

Emerging Technologies: ALA eParticipation

Those of you who talk with me about ALA know that I feel very strongly about eParticipation, or allowing ALA members to participate virtually. So, it was great fun for me to pull together a talk on ALA’s eParticipation trends for this month’s Emerging Tech Talk. Here’s the presentation: I was going for a few... more

Categorization is key

“Any time we either produce or understand an utterance of any reasonable length, we are employing dozens if not hundreds of categories: categories of speech sounds, of words, of phrases and clauses, as well as conceptual categories. Without the ability to categorize, we could not function at all, either in the physical world or in... more

TLC Educational Technology Discussion Group

This year I have been able to do a little more work with the Teaching and Learning Center as their library liaison. This has been fun for me, and a good chance to look for opportunities where the library and the TLC can work together on projects that help both organizations with our missions. Today... more

From the Suggestion Box: Water shut-off

I would very much appreciate it if the water worked in the library. There were signs posted notifying students that Starbucks and Benson would be closed due to water main problems, but there was no notification that the water would not work in the library. We all wish the library enjoyed uninterrupted water service, but... more