And It's A Race to the Toilet!
Craig Races to the Toilet!
Water Balloon Toss

Craig Watches Heather and Prentice in the Water Balloon Toss

Another successful, fun filled Summer Olympic Challenge came to an end yesterday with a final “Mystery Event” Relay. The Zephyr Relay Team for the challenge was Craig (who competed in the toilet plunger toss), Prentice and Heather (water balloon toss) and Mary Beth (Cracker eating whistler!).

Eat 3 Saltines, Then Whistle
Can MB chew and whistle at the same time?

The Annual Staff Summer Olympic Challenge took place this year over a 7 week period. This year there were 12 teams from departments across campus. This year’s weekly events included some old favorites like archery and water polo, but introduced some new ones like the adventure race and bowling. The event has been offered by Campus Recreation since 2003, with ZSR Library fielding a team every year except 2007. Over the years, we have fielded winning teams, bringing home the gold three years, silver last year, and bronze this year (like Lance at the Tour this year!). Each Zephyrs team member received a Starbucks gift certificate as our prize (very handy, don’t you agree?) In addition, Erik secured third place in the men’s individual competition that rewards daily lifestyle points earned for exercising and taking classes.

This year’s Zephyrs team was Heather Gillette, Travis Manning, Prentice Armstrong, Mary Beth Lock, Craig Fansler, Carolyn McCallum, Susan Smith and Erik Mitchell.

Way to go, Zephyrs!