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ZSR Zephyrs Compete in 2011 Staff Summer Olympics

ZSR Zephyrs 2011: Erik Mitchell (doing his farewell tour), Gretchen Edwards (bringing a new generation of spirit to the team), Rebecca Petersen (a new speed rival to Erik), Susan Smith (oldest Zephyr around), Mary Beth Lock (major cheerleader and team Pollyanna about our weekly chances at winning), and Barry Davis (sport photographer and voted most... Continue reading “ZSR Zephyrs Compete in 2011 Staff Summer Olympics”

Summer Olympics Time Again!

2010 ZSR Zephyrs team from left: Carolyn McCallum, Audra Eagle, Prentice Armstrong, Mary Beth Lock, Heather Gillette, Erik Mitchell, Jean Paul Bessou, Susan Smith Summertime on the WFU campus means another year of friendly inter-departmental competition in the Campus Recreation’s “Faculty & Staff Summer Olympic Challenge.” Over the next 7 weeks, this year’s ZSR Zephyr... Continue reading “Summer Olympics Time Again!”

ZSR Zephyrs On the Podium Once More!

Craig Races to the Toilet! Craig Watches Heather and Prentice in the Water Balloon Toss Another successful, fun filled Summer Olympic Challenge came to an end yesterday with a final “Mystery Event” Relay. The Zephyr Relay Team for the challenge was Craig (who competed in the toilet plunger toss), Prentice and Heather (water balloon toss)... Continue reading “ZSR Zephyrs On the Podium Once More!”

Zephyrs ‘bring it’ in the fitness quadrathalaon

The Zephyrs took on the Summer Olympic Challenge quadrathalon on Wednesday and came home with a respectable third place finish. Susan started the event with a 500 meter row, Craig rocketed a 1.5 mile bike ride, Travis sped through a .5 mile run and to finish the event Prentice hit 50 pushups. The rest of... Continue reading “Zephyrs ‘bring it’ in the fitness quadrathalaon”

ZSR Zephyrs Tie for First in Today’s Olympic Challenge

The Zephyrs were ready but not thrilled about having to brave the rain for today’s scheduled challenge, Frisbee Golf on Davis Field. We were puzzled to recieve an email this morning saying that the scheduled games were off due to the inclement weather and we were to report to Reynolds Gym at noon instead. Not... Continue reading “ZSR Zephyrs Tie for First in Today’s Olympic Challenge”

ZSR Zephs Victorious

The ZSR Zephyrs (or “Zephs”, since it has a little more attitude) played to a 2 Win, 1 Loss series today in Reynolds Gym, kicking of the Summer Olympics in fine style. The “A” team today consisted of Travis and Prentice, with Craig and Mary Beth acting as cleanup. The first round was played against... Continue reading “ZSR Zephs Victorious”

ZSR Zephyrs Celebrate Last Summer’s Accomplishments

On one of the coldest days in recent years, the ZSR Zephyrs gathered to celebrate our 2nd place finish in last summer’s staff Olympics. Our prize was a $50 gift certificate to Chipotle’s and it languished in my desk drawer for months. But, when everyone remembered it, we quickly set a time for a “reunion”... Continue reading “ZSR Zephyrs Celebrate Last Summer’s Accomplishments”

Zephyrs Take Silver in the 2008 Summer Olympics

Today was the final competition for the 2008 WFU Staff Summer Olympics. The challenge was a relay: Prentice and Mary Beth formed a human wheelbarrow (Prentice started out holding up Mary Beth as she walked on her hands, but they switched off midway). Then, when they arrive at the pie table, Prentice had to eat... Continue reading “Zephyrs Take Silver in the 2008 Summer Olympics”