ZSR Zephyrs 2010

2010 ZSR Zephyrs team from left: Carolyn McCallum, Audra Eagle, Prentice Armstrong, Mary Beth Lock, Heather Gillette, Erik Mitchell, Jean Paul Bessou, Susan Smith

Summertime on the WFU campus means another year of friendly inter-departmental competition in the Campus Recreation’s “Faculty & Staff Summer Olympic Challenge.” Over the next 7 weeks, this year’s ZSR Zephyr team will compete against several other teams in hopes of bringing the coveted Reynolda Cup back to the library. This year we welcome new team members Audra and JP who we know will contribute greatly to the overall effort. Last year we secured 2nd place overall, so the bar is high 🙂

The first Wednesday lunchtime competition, archery, took place today. Each week four of our team members will participate in the event while the rest cheer and earn participation points. Today’s archers were Prentice, JP, Erik and Susan. It was JP’s first time to shoot an arrow and he did very well! There are a few archery competition pictures on the library flickr site (friends and family view) to enjoy.

You are used to seeing Erik and Susan slip out to exercise at lunchtime, but now you’ll also see several Zephyrs carrying yoga mats to earn their daily activity points over at Miller Center. I predict an increase in long walks, with or without pets on a leash!

The goal of the challenge is to give us an opportunity to interact with other departments on campus while having fun and getting healthier.

Next week is frisbee golf, so be sure and peek out to Davis Field mid-day Wednesday to catch the team in action