During June 2010

Zephyrs roll the lanes in Week 4

Carolyn rolls a strike! The Zephyrs hit the lanes today to bowl in the Summer Olympics Challenge. We are an ethical group so didn’t try to sneak Wanda into the line up! It was tempting though…..Our primary competitors were Audra, Erik, JP and Carolyn. Carolyn was the anchor, with the most experience and consistency. Over... more

Zephyrs’ Summer Olympic Odyssey: Week 3

This week was one of the most grueling weekly competitions: Inner Tube Water Polo. Not only is it physically challenging (you have to paddle up and down the pool chasing the ball and warding off attacks from the opposing team), but you have to show yourself to all your University colleagues in a swim suit!... more

From the Suggestion Box: Limiting to DVDs in the new catalog

There should be an option to search by call number in the "classic view" advanced search. You can do it in the new catalog search, but it would be cool to search by call number, like "PR" or "DVD," along with other limits, like "dickens" or "comedy." I’ve been trying to find a way to... more

Thin client pilot expanded to include windows staff terminals

The final phase of our thin client pilot is ready for testing. Two thin client machines have been deployed in staff areas (Circulation and Acquisitions areas). Each of these thin clients is running Windows and the full suite of library productivity applcitions (Voyager, Pharos, Illiad, etc). If you have a few minutes please try them... more

Zephyrs Frisbee Golf

Today’s Olympic Challenge for the Zephyr’s was a frisbee golf round on the field across from Polo residence hall. The Zephyrs had two pretty major things going against us today. 1) We practiced eagerly yesterday afternoon on Davis Field, only to find out late yesterday that the event would be held at Polo Residence Hall... more

New Scientific Tools: Pubget and the Neuroscience Information Framework

Two new tools for accessing scientific information are now available to patrons. Last spring, Carol, Derrik and I attended a demo of Pubget, which is a free third-party search engine for accessing PDFs of journal articles in the life sciences including PubMed/MEDLINE. WFU has been activated on Pubget, and the unique feature of Pubget is... more

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press

William Morris (1834-1896) is a towering figure in the artistic and cultural history of Victorian Britain. The multi-talented Morris was a poet, artist, and craftsman whose design influence persists to this day. Much of his work was in the decorative arts– textiles, furniture, stained glass, wallpapers, and book design. Morris is credited with founding the... more

Summer Olympics Time Again!

2010 ZSR Zephyrs team from left: Carolyn McCallum, Audra Eagle, Prentice Armstrong, Mary Beth Lock, Heather Gillette, Erik Mitchell, Jean Paul Bessou, Susan Smith Summertime on the WFU campus means another year of friendly inter-departmental competition in the Campus Recreation’s “Faculty & Staff Summer Olympic Challenge.” Over the next 7 weeks, this year’s ZSR Zephyr... more

Campus Security Council Meeting

Wanda asked me to attend the Security Council meeting today, and I thought I would share the discussion since it applies to everyone. The topic today was “Campus Resources” – meaning resources for you and me, and our students if they experience stress, depression, or other issues. Bruce Sanspree, University Police discussed generally the many... more

T.A.M.I. Show

This month’s film is T.A.M.I. Show: Teenage Awards Music International, Collector’s Edition. The T.A.M.I. Show was recorded at concerts held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 28 and 29. The resulting film is arguably the first concert movie of the rock era. It has not been available for public viewing due to copyright... more