Today’s Olympic Challenge for the Zephyr’s was a frisbee golf round on the field across from Polo residence hall. The Zephyrs had two pretty major things going against us today. 1) We practiced eagerly yesterday afternoon on Davis Field, only to find out late yesterday that the event would be held at Polo Residence Hall and 2) Erik, our golf pro, (although he did admit that he wasn’t a frisbee golf pro) bowed out of the lineup to attend to an air conditioning emergency at home. Jean Paul happily stepped in to fill the void.

The Zephyr’s tee off time was at 11:40. We had high hopes as we walked over to Polo, even though JP confessed that he had NEVER thrown a frisbee before. We had time for a few practice tosses and a pretty harrowing moment when a frisbee toss came close to giving Audra a black eye. But soon the team of four, Heather, Audra, Jean Paul and Mary Beth (cheered on by Carolyn and Prentice) took on the challenge of trying to toss the frisbees into three catch basins that were several yards away from the starting point in the fewest number of tosses. The last goal was pretty deep into the woods that run along Allen Easley Drive. Heather was the tour guide introducing us to poison ivy along the way.

The points have been tallied, and the Zephyrs came in 6th place today, far below our outstanding 2nd place from last week. At the end of the game, JP was most improved having earned a score of 14, (for a par 11 course) while the rest of the three players had a score of 15. While we didn’t fare as well as some of the other teams, (secretly, we think they cheated) we are proud of our collective scores. The Zephyrs are still in second place overall in the standings for the 2010 Summer Olympic Challenge. Next week…water polo! Bring it!