Carolyn rolls a strike!

The Zephyrs hit the lanes today to bowl in the Summer Olympics Challenge. We are an ethical group so didn’t try to sneak Wanda into the line up! It was tempting though…..Our primary competitors were Audra, Erik, JP and Carolyn. Carolyn was the anchor, with the most experience and consistency. Over the course of 2 games, she rolled at least 5 strikes! The first game was for top individual scores. We had fun. The second game was for overall best team. During this game, we were allowed to use substitutes, so Heather and Susan checked out some bowling shoes and joined in. Once again, we had fun! To see the bowling forms of some of the Zephyrs, check out these pics.

ZSR Zephyrs Bowlers

Zephyr Bowlers: Jean-Paul Bessou, Audra Eagle, Erik Mitchell, Carolyn McCallum, Heather Gillette. Not pictured (behind the camera), Susan Smith.