This week was one of the most grueling weekly competitions: Inner Tube Water Polo. Not only is it physically challenging (you have to paddle up and down the pool chasing the ball and warding off attacks from the opposing team), but you have to show yourself to all your University colleagues in a swim suit!


This year the starting line up was all women: Carolyn, Heather, Mary Beth, and Susan (what’s with that, guys???). Carolyn manned the net and the rest of us ranged over the court. We soon found out why it’s important to have a guy or two on your team. This year the court was the full length of the pool with a shooting distance limitation that prevented getting in close and doing “layups”. In essence, you had to be a three-point type of shooter to throw all the way into the goal, something that is hard for us ladies to accomplish. We excelled at getting to the ball first and getting into position, but just didn’t have the strength to slam a shot in from a third court away 🙁

So, Erik came to the rescue in the second half (which were LONG 7 minute halves). Carolyn rotated out, MB took over goalie duties and we made Erik our shooter. It was a tough battle against a talented (strong) team, but Erik prevented us from getting skunked and scored one goal.

Erik Takes a Shot at Goal

The upside to losing our match is that we didn’t have to go into the semifinals, which would have been even more brutal. We still eked out a tie for third place (hmm, the only teams that didn’t place were the ones that didn’t show up!).

JP and Audra served as the photographers so there are more images to see (and laugh at!). Prentice came to cheer us on and brought Travis. It was a fun event in spite of all our challenges.

Stay tuned for next week: Bowling! (wish we could put Wanda in as our ringer).