The Zephyrs were ready but not thrilled about having to brave the rain for today’s scheduled challenge, Frisbee Golf on Davis Field. We were puzzled to recieve an email this morning saying that the scheduled games were off due to the inclement weather and we were to report to Reynolds Gym at noon instead.

Not knowing what to expect, Prentis, Travis, Erik, Susan, Heather, Carolyn and Mary Beth walked over to the gym and, after trading a few barbs with opposing team mates, descended to The Six weight room where we were given the rules to the new game. We had to pick three team mates, who each would be doing one physical challenge while the rest of the team answered trivia questions. If the team completed the trivia questions without the team mate tiring and giving up, we could earn points for every question we got right. If the team mate got too tired while we debated the answer to the questions, we couldn’t answer any more questions in that round. We bemoaned the fact that our Quiz Bowl champs weren’t on the Olympic team today!

The first challenge was a “wall sit”, and was admirably completed by Erik. He had to lean on the wall, with his thighs parallel to the floor, while we answered the 6 questions on fitness and nutrition. I don’t think he even broke a sweat. The next challenge was dispatched handily by Travis who maintained a “plank” position, (anyone who’s done this in yoga knows it’s not easy) while we answered another set of questions. In the final challenge, Prentis did “crunches” while we answered the last 6 questions. Luckily, between us, we knew enough nutrition, fitness, biology and etymology to eek out a first place win. And the three gentlemen in the group managed to maintain poise and style, while utilizing skill, (not luck) and demonstrating their physical prowess.

Next week, Susan, Erik, Heather and Carolyn are ready to go head to head with other teams in the Water Polo Basketball Rematch. Come on out and watch!