On February 26, a request for a library tour/class came in via our library instructional request form on the library homepage. One of the teachers at First Assembly Christian School requested a session for his students on March 10. His students are writing a research paper on a modern US historical event. I have worked with this teacher in the past so I responded to his request.

The 28 students arrived around 10:00 a.m. and spent the first part of the class period in Room 476 learning about the online catalog and databases such as Readers’ Guide Retrospective. Following the brief introduction on how to locate library resources, the students were divided up into groups and were given a topic to research in ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The little hands-on activity provided an opportunity for them to become familiar with searching, printing and emailing. After the library tour, students returned to the Reference Department to apply their new knowledge and skills gained in the orientation session.

Spring break is always a good time for students to visit our library, and I enjoyed meeting with this group. Hopefully, as these students continue to research their topics, they will come back to ZSR to identify more resources. Who knows we might see some of these smiling faces here at Wake Forest in a few years!