During March 2010

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Career Services Exhibit

Shan Woolard from Career Services worked with me to put some books in an exhibit about careers. This is very timely with graduation looming and students preoccupied with ‘what’s next.’ Continue reading “Career Services Exhibit”

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®

On Friday, March 26th, Andrea Ellis of the the Professional Development Center led a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshop for 18 faculty and staff. The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator┬« (MBTI) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. Types are indicated... Continue reading “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ┬«”

This really annoys me!

We all use things to mark pages in our books: receipts, slips of paper, brochures, tickets, paper clips, and Post-it Notes. Post-it Notes have an adhesive on them which transfers to the surface it is applied to. This adhesive residue, in turn picks up dirt or other foreign particles and cause them to stick to... Continue reading “This really annoys me!”

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, First Quarto Edition

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar First Quarto Edition (1684) Eighteen of Shakespeare’s plays were published in quarto editions – individual plays printed in small format – prior to the 1623 first collected edition (first folio) of Shakespeare’s works. Julius Caesar was not published in quarto until much later: the first edition, of which ZSR’s Special Collections holds... Continue reading “Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, First Quarto Edition”

A new look for the website

As you can see, we have updated the look of the library website. We’ve moved some things around and added a few things to the home page but, overall, it should be familiar. So what’s next? Well, first, we want to know what you think of the new look. Like it? Dislike it? Easier to... Continue reading “A new look for the website”

Getting a Head Start on Library Research

On February 26, a request for a library tour/class came in via our library instructional request form on the library homepage. One of the teachers at First Assembly Christian School requested a session for his students on March 10. His students are writing a research paper on a modern US historical event. I have worked... Continue reading “Getting a Head Start on Library Research”

Copyright and Academics

Between the Georgia State Univ. lawsuit and the Google Books settlement, copyright is increasing gaining publicity and discussion. How will changing landscape of copyright impact the future of intellectual property and education? Continue reading “Copyright and Academics”

Sharing Your Research

Discoverability of research is vital to scholarship and the expansion of knowledge. Are your publications optimized for maximum reach and impact? Continue reading “Sharing Your Research”

Discovering Archival Resources

Historical records are more accessible than ever. How can you incorporate unique primary resources into your scholarly work? Continue reading “Discovering Archival Resources”

Finding and Using Academic Videos for Your Class

Video is popular. Online video consumption is on the rise, and continues to gain popularity. How might this impact your academic life? Continue reading “Finding and Using Academic Videos for Your Class”