ILLiad 8 has a very different look and functionality than its previous versions. Joe Williams, Head of Access Services at UNC-G had asked me if we wanted to pull our resources together for an ILLiad 8 training session, not knowing we had already upgraded to ILLiad 8. To give them a better idea what ILLiad 8 is like, I invited the entire ILL staff from UNC-G and Carpenter Library, whose staff was reluctant to convert to ILLiad 8 for an ILLiad 8 demo on July 16th.

Four each from UNC-G and the Carpenter Library came. Ellen did a great job showing the borrowing processes, while I demonstrated the lending procesures. We showed them the tricks we learned from our mistakes and steps that would eliminate unnecessary frustrations. Both Tara and Anna joined us, and Tara was particularly welcomed by the Carpenter library staff, since she worked in Carpenter for nineteen years before she left. It was very nice for Anna and Tara to meet their ILL counterparts at Carpenter and UNC-G. My theory has always been – if you know the person, he/she can hardly say no or be harsh to your ILL plead, whatever it is.

I am happy to report that the demo was greatly appreciated and my pineapple cake has touched their heart (and their stomach).